Rightway strives to global citizen with exceptional knowledge and skills in their field.
To make them realize the responsibility of the society and being a followers of Sunnah to our Ummah  
To fabricate the young generation with strong Islamic ideals.
To develop a natural curiosity in the world around them, nurture a love of learning and will be able to balance responsibility with freedom of choice. They will be given the opportunity to realize their potential and promote

To wipe the illiteracy of our society and to empower it with of education
To carry out the mission without commercial concept.
To inculcate the Islamic Value through wonderful Islamic enthronement.
We are dedicated to groom our students to be highly disciplined, determined and confident individuals, empowered for both the worlds.
To impact the sound academics and earning attitude.
Not only to educate the students but make them explode their talents and discover their merits most importantly, to be sensitive and caring towards their fellow – bring